director Ken Kimmelman
producers Imagery Film and the United Nations
(6 minutes) U.S.A.
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Through the art of animation, this brilliant short film portrays the contagion of prejudice and racism. Feisty personified brushstrokes react to one another's differences. BRUSHSTROKES features original music by Major Holley.

bio: Ken Kimmelman is an award-winning filmmaker and recipient of the 1995 National Emmy Award for his anti-prejudice public service film "The Heart Knows Better." He is a consultant on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation in New York City. Mr. Kimmelman is president of Imagery Film, Ltd. where he has produced films for the UN against prejudice and apartheid. He has won the Newark Black Film Festival's Paul Robenson Award, Atlanta Film Festival's Director's Choice Award, Cindy Award, ASIFA, and the East Best Children's Film Award.

contact information:
Ken Kimmelman, Director
Imagery Film, Ltd.
91 Bedford St.
New York, NY 10014
phone: (212) 243-5579
fax:      (212) 243-5580