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I Promise Africa

I Promise Africa
(2 minutes 47seconds ) Kenya/USA
Director/Producer: Jerry Henry

During September of 2001 filmmaker Jerry Henry was commissioned by the organization Urgent Africa to complete a documentary on the opening of the NIA Health and Resource Center in the rural village of Majiwa in Kenya, Africa. This clinic was built to facilitate the health care of orphans with HIV/AIDS in the rural community. While in Kenya, he lived with and documented the lives of a tribe of Moran warriors living in Samburu. He witnessed HIV positive adults and children who were dying from a disease they had no control over. Africa continues to lose the fight against AIDS. Jerry Henry made I Promise Africa to remember its beauty and cherish the children forever.

In August 1999, Texas native Jerry A. Henry was selected amongst a group of six aspiring young filmmakers to serve as a unit director/videographer on the PBS documentary series Senior Year. He spent a year documenting the lives of three of 15 senior high school students at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. The 13-part episodic critically acclaimed documentary series aired on PBS in 2001. BRAVO Networks employed his talents again for the second season of the hit reality series The It Factor. Jerry Henry served as Unit Director/Cinematographer for the 13-part reality series that follows nine actors living in Los Angeles. Also, he worked as cinematographer for the independent documentary The Grace Lee Project. This film is a poignant look at the lives of women named Grace Lee and is a humorous yet critical exploration of what it means to be a contemporary Asian female in America. In November 2002, Jerry traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to shoot the upcoming film Brazilintime by renowned photographer B+ director of Keepintime. This documentary is a visual essay that combines modern hip hop turntabalism, jazz instrumentation and traditional Brazilian percussion. He is currently working as a videographer for Peter Jennings ABC on a documentary that is covering the first year of the LAPD police Chief Bratton and a documentary series entitled USC Medical and Plastic Surgery Before and After for Discovery Channel Health.

Contact Information:
Jerry A. Henry, Director/Producer

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