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Haram: Yemen, The Hidden Half Speaks
(52 minutes) Yemen
Director: Fibi Kraus
Producer: Gundrun Torrubia

Produced at the request of the Yemeni Women National Committee, Haram: Yemen, The Hidden Half Speaks offers a surprising look at women’s lives and gender roles in contemporary Yemen. This astonishing film presents the affecting personal narratives of individual women struggling for self-determination, including Aisha, who defies both tribal law and her imposing father to sneak off to school and educate herself. When she is discovered, an entire village comes to her aid, convincing her father to drop his threats to kill her for the “crime” of being educated. Aisha, now a doctor with her own NGO, is an inspiring model of resistance against tradition. Lovingly made, Haram: Yemen, The Hidden Half Speaks provides an important perspective on women in the developing world and is an exhilarating demonstration of how change is possible and how it often begins one family at a time.

Fibi Kraus has written and directed numerous documentary films and television programs since 1995, including the award-winning Shake Something and Promenade. Recent films include Skylab, Re Pastore, Haram: Yemen, the Hidden Half Speaks, and We, Princesses of Yemen. She is currently working on a film for UNICEF about children in Arab countries. Kraus studied at the Academy for Cinema and Film in Rome, Italy with a focus on filmmaking about women committed to the Middle East Peace Process, and also studied modern painting and photography at the Academy of Modern Arts Brera in Milan, Italy. In 2002, she took part in several humanitarian missions to Yemen for the Italian NGO “Ricerca e Cooperazione.” She has background in social work and is also a published photographer.

Contact Information:
Women Make Movies, Inc.
462 Broadway, Suite 500 WS
New York, New York 10013

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