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(78 minutes) USA
Directors/Producers: Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini

The chilling hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers catapults the Long Island town of Farmingville into national headlines, exposing a frontline of the new border wars – suburbia. Blending the stories of town residents and day laborers, this bilingual, verité documentary reveals the human impact of national policies that can lead to fear, isolation, racism and violence. Like Farmingville, communities from Siler City, North Carolina to Gisors, France, are grappling with assimilating new, unfamiliar neighbors as more and more economic migrants risk illegal crossings – whether across the Rio Grande or under the English Channel – in search of a better life for their families back home. The filmmakers spent nearly a year in Farmingville, talking to all sides and filming the conflict as it unfolded in legal and political maneuverings, community organizing, vigilante action and, most tragically, violence in hope that the film will start a dialog that will lead towards tolerance in similar communities across the country. Farmingville achieves a remarkable intimacy with many of the principal players in the town's drama, who share their personal hopes and fears, revealing just how profoundly local all politics, even global politics, are. Besides the Sundance Special Jury Prize, Farmingville was named best documentary at CineFestival 2004 (San Antonio, TX) and the San Diego Latino Film Festival; it recently received the Human Rights award at the RiverRun Film Festival. Farmingville was chosen as one of only five films to represent the US at INPUT - the International Public Television Conference, held this year in Barcelona.

Carlos Sandoval is a playwright, lawyer and writer whose essays have appeared in The New York Times. He has worked on immigration and refugee affairs with the U.S. delegation to the United Nations.
Catherine Tambini co-produced the Academy Award® nominated documentary Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse, which aired on PBS’ “Great Performances/Dance in America.”

Contact Information:
Camino Bluff Productions, Inc.
752 West End Avenue, 2F
New York, NY 10025

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