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Big EnoughBig Enough
(53 minutes) USA
Director/Producer: Jan Krawitz

In this intimate portrait, several dwarfs who appeared in Jan Krawitz and Thomas Ott's 1982 film Little People welcome the camera into their lives once again. Through a prism of "then and now," the characters in the film confront physical and emotional challenges with humor, grace, and sometimes, frustration. What is it like to date or find a spouse? What about the decision to have children - with a 75% chance that their offspring will be a dwarf? And what does the future hold now that many genetic conditions, including dwarfism can be diagnosed in utero? Big Enough provides a unique perspective on a proud and active community that many people know only from cultural stereotypes.

Jan Krawitz has been independently producing and directing documentary films for thirty years. Films in distribution include In Harm's Way, Mirror Mirror, Drive-in Blues, Little People, Cotton Candy and Elephant Stuff, Afterimage and Styx. Her work has been exhibited and awarded at film festivals in the U.S. and abroad, among them Sundance, the New York Film Festival, Nyon, Edinburgh, Margaret Mead, London, Sydney, and Full Frame. In Harm's Way, Mirror Mirror, Little People and Drive-in Blues have been broadcast on national PBS, the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel. Little People was nominated for a national Emmy Award for "Outstanding Individual Documentary" and was featured on NPR's "All Things Considered.” Ms. Krawitz is a Professor in the Graduate Program in Documentary Film and Video at Stanford University. She has a B.A. from Cornell and a Master of Fine Arts in Film from Temple University.

Contact Information:
Jan Krawitz
Department of Communication, Bldg. l20
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2050

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