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Valley of Tears
(77 minutes) USA
Director/Producer: Hart Perry


Valley of Tears documents the lives of Mexican-American migrant farm workers in Raymondville, Texas and the terrible conditions they had to endure. In 1979 they decided to strike. What followed was a fight not only for higher pay and treatment, but for their lives, their children’s lives, and their grandchildren’s lives. What they accomplished would make history. The film’s depiction of the struggles of the migrant farm workers and their battle for equal rights is both compelling and inspiring. What is hidden in United States history books is finally exposed in a telling documentary about the endurance of the human spirit and the determination to fight for what is right in a world where the right thing is all too often too difficult to find. A dynamic and moving film, Hart Perry tells a complex story of the long journey individuals will endure in order to make a better future for their families and the life they have come to love.


During the last 30 years working as a filmmaker, Hart Perry has carved out three distinct reputations: social and music documentarian, cameraman, and artist. In 1969, he was the youngest cameraman at the legendary Woodstock music festival and in 1970 he directed his first music video, for Alice Cooper. In 1977, he shot the Academy Award-winning Harlan County: USA with Barbara Kopple, and in the 80s shot Kopple's American Dream, which also won an Academy Award. In 1992, he teamed up with Jonathan Demme to make Haiti: Killing the Dream, a film about the rise and deposing of peoples' hero, Jean-Claude Aristide.

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