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Brothers and Others

Brothers and Others
(54 minutes) USA
Director: Nicolas Rossier
Producers: Jean Cyril Rossier and Nicolas Rossier


Brothers and Others follows a number of immigrant and American families as they struggle under the heightened climate of suspicion, FBI and INS investigations, and economic hardships that erupted in the USA following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. In interviews with Arab and Muslim immigrants, government representatives, and a select group of legal and historical experts, this film explores how America’s fear of terrorism has negatively impacted a substantial portion of the American population.


A native from Geneva, Nicolas holds a degree in economics and political science from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. In 1998 he moved to New York to study acting and directing at the Lee Strasberg Institute of the School for Visual Arts. Brothers and Others is his first feature documentary as a sole director. His other works have appeared on Hallmark, CBS, TV2, TSR 1, DRS, Worldlink TV, FSTV, and Paks TV. His last documentary (that he co-directed) Life is a Dream won several prizes, was selected in more than 20 international venues and festivals, and was picked up by two European networks (DRS/TSR). Nicolas founded Baraka Productions and is currently working on a project about the history of Guantanamo in Cuba. Also, he is currently preparing his first feature The Last Prophet about the life of Isidire Block aka Poet-o.

Contact Information:

Baraka Productions
368 Broadway, Suite 513
New York, NY 10016
E-mail: info@barakaproductions.com
URL: ww.barakaproductions.com


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