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Brother Outsider

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin
(84 minuets) USA
Directors/Producers: Nancy Kates and Bennett Singer


Long before Martin Luther King, Jr. became a national figure, Bayard Rustin routinely put his bodyÑand his lifeÑon the line as a crusader for racial justice. Rustin's commitment to pacifism and his visionary advocacy of Gandhian nonviolence made him a pioneer in the 1940s, and captured King's imagination in the 1950s. In 1963, with more than 20 years of organizing experience behind him, Rustin brought his unique skills to the crowning glory of his civil rights career: his work organizing the historic March on Washington, the biggest protest America had ever witnessed. But Rustin was also seen as a political liability. He was openly gay during the fiercely homophobic era of the 40s and 50s; as a result, he was frequently shunned by the very civil rights movement he helped create. Rustin not only shaped civil rights movement strategy as a longtime advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr., but was known and respected by numerous U.S. Presidents and foreign leaders.


Nancy Kates is the director of the award-winning documentary Their Own Vietnam, a portrait of American women who served in Vietnam. She also served as associate producer of the Discovery Channel's Mystery of the Last Tzar and as producer of the PBS series, Computer Chronicles. She is a graduate of the Stanford University documentary program and resides in Berkeley, CA. Bennett Singer, a New York-based filmmaker and book editor, has served as producer or associate producer of a number of acclaimed PBS series, including Eyes On The Prize II, With God On Our Side and The Question of Equality. He is executive editor of TIME Magazine's education program; editor of 42 Up, the companion book to Michael Apted's famed documentary series; and co-author of The Student Body, a novel of suspense published by Random House.

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