Shadow Play  

(79 minutes)
Director: Chris Hilton
Producers: Sylvie Le Clezio and Chris Hilton

SHADOW PLAY is an account of the slaughter of more than 500,000 people in Indonesia, and the period of history that triggered it as Indonesia's first President, Sukarno, was swept from power. The terror campaign of 1965-66 was the bloody birth of General Suharto's New Order in Indonesia. Now, more than three decades later, with the fall of General Suharto, Indonesians are confronting their hidden history. Through interviews with journalists covering the story, the film reveals the secret war of propaganda and media manipulation waged by the Indonesian army and actively aided by the governments of the United States, Britain and Australia. The film follows the story of American-educated Ibne Santoro, murdered in 1965, and exhumed from a mass grave decades later to be buried properly by his family. It also follows the stories of two survivors: Carmel Budiajaro, who returns from 30 years of forced exile, and Dr. Sumyarsi, a doctor who spent 11 years as a political prisoner. SHADOW PLAY is a powerful film portraying the human cost of a forgotten footnote of the Cold War and its ghosts, which are very much alive today.

CHRIS HILTON was born in Australia and grew up in Central Java, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. He graduated from the University of Sydney with honors and from the University of Technology, Sydney for film production. He has directed Dealing with the Demon, a three-hour series for ABC and PBS about the international history of the illicit heroin and opium trade, and a film called Advertising Mercenaries. He has produced Year of the Dogs, Renzo Piano Piece by Piece, The Hacktivists, The Irish Empire, Bondi, and Drama School. SYLVIE LE CLEZIO co-produced Allies in 1983 and produced The Coca-Cola Kid, which screened in Cannes in 1995. In 1991, she produced Storyville, starring James Spader and Jason Robbards, for Twentieth Century Fox. She has also directed the documentary film I Cover the Waterfront for SBS.

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