Not For Sale  

(32 minutes)
Directors: Mark Dworkin and
Melissa Young
Producer: Melissa Young

Global trade agreements expand what corporations can own and control - from things like machines to knowledge and even living creatures. What does this mean for the environment, our food supply, and human rights? This film looks at farmers, indigenous people, and anti-globalization activists who oppose patents on life and advocate for a world where life is not a commodity, but something to be treasured. With beautiful footage from the headwaters of the Amazon, farms in Washington and Iowa, as well as India and Peru, plus glimpses of the Seattle WTO protests, NOT FOR SALE brings this global issue into focus with stories of everyday people.

Since 1986, MELISSA YOUNG and MARK DWORKIN have co-produced many programs for public television, including two national PBS specials, In the Midst of Winter and Retooling America. Their productions have won awards from Chicago, Houston, Columbus, NW Film and Video, National Educational Media Network and CINE Festivals. NOT FOR SALE is the third in a widely distributed series on the ethical and environmental implications of genetic engineering. Risky Business: Biotechnology and Agriculture (1996) and Gene Blues: Dilemmas of DNA Testing (1998) were the first two films in the series. Released in 2000, Islas Hermanas (Sister Islands) celebrates the connection between Bainbridge Island and the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua sustained through the sale of fair-traded, shade-grown, organic coffee. How Can I Keep on Singing? (2001), about the lives of women in the West 100 years ago, weaves together striking images of the landscapes of central Washington and British Columbia, with historical photographs and re-creations of women's daily activities. Their very latest production, Another World is Possible, reports on the World Social Forum held in Brazil in 2002.

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