In Whose Interest?  

(27 minute)
Director/Producer: David Kaplowitz

IN WHOSE INTEREST? is a documentary made in response to the events of September 11th. David Kaplowitz leads us on an eye-opening journey, questioning the effects of US foreign policy over the past 50 years. Revealing a pattern of intervention, the film focuses on Guatemala, Vietnam, East Timor, El Salvador, and Palestine/Israel. Archival footage, photographs and media tidbits are dynamically interwoven with personal eyewitness accounts, commentary from academics, such as Noam Chomsky, religious leaders and politicians. IN WHOSE INTEREST? is an informative and disturbingly honest film, yet upbeat, with twists of irony and humor.

David Kaplowitz is a freelance journalist with a Master's degree from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. His most recent documentary film, IN WHOSE INTEREST? is a journey through the past 50 years of U.S foreign policy. Other recent documentaries include the production of Hip Hop Cubano, a 13-minute piece on hip hop music in Cuba, and camera work and editing on Merry-Go-Round, a 20-minute ethnographic film focusing on race relations in a housing project in North London. In addition, he has produced several news stories, including the U.S.-Navy produced toxic waste at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco, a profile of Deborah Hoffman, director of Long Night's Journey Into Day, and a profile of a group of Black Muslims in Oakland. David also has significant experience in radio, having worked at the BBC in London in international news, producing mostly American stories on the death penalty debate, U.S.-military toxic waste around the globe, U.S. media critiques, missile defense, genetic engineering, and many other topics. David has done audio editing on several CDs of essays by Death Row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, and a 50-minute radio documentary on Earth First! Activist Judi Bari.

David Kaplowitz

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