CHINA 21  

China 21

(60 minutes)
Director: Ruby Yang
Producer: Lambert Yam

CHINA 21 follows four Chinese families as they step into the 21st century. Armed with a digital camera and sans an official journalist permit, the filmmakers aim their 'candidÍ camera with unabashed curiosity at the cast of characters who form a microcosm of a dynamic, tumultuous, changing China. Tang Enliang, 19 studies law at Shanghai's top university; lawsuits are a novelty in China, which makes him a pioneer. Li Zhong Qui is all of six years old growing up on a Hunan farm whose father has gone to work in a booming coastal region; the money he sends home makes a difference but the family wonders if the separation is worth it. Terry Han, 23 with girlfriend in tow desires to go to an American business school. His parent's cautionary tales of the Cultural Revolution juxtaposes their youthful optimism. Zhang Yu, 15, a product of a farming family in rural Shanghai is at a crossroads, which would affect her family economically.

RUBY YANG grew up and went to school in Hong Kong. She has directed Citizen Hong Kong for PBS and China 21. Her editing credits include Joan Chen's debut feature, Xiu Xiu, the Sent Down Girl, which won seven Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. She also edited Joan Chen's second film, Autumn in New York and Spencer Nakasako's A.K.A Don Bonus which won a national Emmy. LAMBERT YAM is a veteran distributor and exhibitor of films from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong in North America. A native of Hong Kong, he co-founded the Phoenix Cinematheque and has managed the World Theatre here in the San Francisco Chinatown district for ten years making Asian films accessible to audiences. He has also served on the board of the San Francisco Film festival for nine years. His production credits include Citizen Hong Kong and China 21.

Lambert Yam
K.BIK Films
39 Mesa Street
Suite 209
San Francisco, CA 94129

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