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Winter Soldier

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winter soldier


A feature-length documentary of the historic, Winter Solder captures the terrifying testimonies of more than 200 ex-GIs at the 1971 Detroit Winter Soldier Investigation concerning American atrocities in Vietnam. The film, made about and with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, was a prize winner at Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals, screened at the Whitney Museum of Art, New York City and televised once by WNET. In a review done at the time of its release in l972, film critic Amos Vogel revealed that: "This is a film that must be shown in prime time evening on national television, and never will be." Not surprisingly, Winter Solder was largely ignored during the Vietnam War by American press and distributors. Nearly twenty years later, the film screened at the 1990 Berlin Film Festival as part of the 20th Jubilee Celebration of Films shown at previous festivals. In the program notes of 1990 Ulrich Gregor wrote: "the film is as powerful as ever today."

Made by fifteen independent filmmakers of Winterfilm Collective, including: Fred Aranow, Nancy Baker, Joe Bangert, Rhetta Barron, Robert Fiore, David Gillis, David Grubin, Jeff Holstein, Barbara Jarvis, Al Kaupas, Barbara Koppel, Mark Lenix, Michael Lesser, Nancy Miller, Lee Osborne, Lucy Massie Phenix, Roger Phenix, Benay Rubenstein, Michael Weil.

Contact information:

Lucy Massie Phenix, Collective Member
Winterfilm Collective
POB 437 Oakville, CA 94562
phone: 707-944-0706
fax: 707-944-2151

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