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Voices of Cabrini

Ronit Bezalel
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In 1995, demolition began at Cabrini Green, Chicago's most well-known public housing development. Voices of Cabrini follows the political fight of community organizaers to preserve affordable housing in the neighborhood. It also focuses on individual struggles of Cabrini Green residents who have to move out.


Ronit Bezalel has been directing social documentaries for the past ten years. She has shown her work on national television in Canada, Australia, and England, and exhibited on the festival circuit. Prior to moving to Chicago, Bezalel worked at the National Film Board of Canada, where she directed When Shirley Met Florence. Voices of Cabrini is Bezalel's fifth documentary.

Antonio Ferrera dedicated three years of his life to document Voices of Cabrini. He is also an award-winning writer, director and photographer. Ferrera's documentary work includes documenting Treeman for the Coalition for the Homeless at the 1996 Democratic National Convention, and working for filmmaker Michael Moore during his 1997 Chicago Visit. Currently, Ferrera works for documentarian Albert Mayles in New York City.

Judy Hoffman, longtime Chicago filmmaker, provided her expertise on this shoot. Hoffman did everything - from offering budget help to teaching the young filmmakers how to deal with seasoned Chicago cops. Hoffman has worked in film and video for 20 years. She is on the board of Kartemquin Films, and has also worked on many academy award nominated documentaries, including American Dream and Seeing Red.

Contact information:

Ronit Bezalel
1406 W. Summerdale
Chicago, Il 60640
phone: 773-728-1879
fax: 773-278-8635

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