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Marianna Yarovskaya
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In the summer of 1998, as a part of a major drive to clear Moscow's streets of tramps and beggars of all ages before the International Youth Olympics, government officials conducted mass deportation of those they consider "undesirable."

"Undesirables" is a documentary about the Russia Police Force and their determination to escort the homeless youth out of Moscow during high profile events such as the 1998 International Youth Olympics.

The film follows the stories of four youths in different parts of Russia. Three of them have runaway from their provincial homes to Moscow. The film depicts Moscow's juvenile detention center, where the police herd runaway children during official events to keep them off the streets. "Undesirables" documents the children's eventually deportation from Moscow back to their abusive families, or to reform schools in the provinces. We also see the story of the child in the empoverished provincial town, thousands of miles from the well-off capital.


Marianna Yarovskaya is a former correspondent for Russian State Television. Graduating from Moscow State University Yarovskaya went to work for a prime time news station on Russian television before she went on to obtain her MFA degree in film production from the University of Southern California. "Undesirables" is her thesis project and was shot last year all across Russia with the joint efforts of both U.S. and Russian citizens.

Contact information:

Marianna Yarovskaya, Director, Producer
1112 7th Street #1208
Santa Monica, CA 90403-5210
Tel. (650) 776-8671
Email: marianna@re-voir.com, marianna@mayfilms.com

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