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One Girl Against the Mafia

Marco Amenta
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One Girl Against the Mafia


It is a story of resistance to oppression, the story of one girl's fight against destiny. On November 5, 1991, a 17-year-old Sicilian named Rita Atria went to the anti-Mafia judge to seek vengeance for the murders of her father and brother, both of whom had been "Men of Honor" in the Mafia. It was the first time that such a young woman from a family linked to the Mafia had broken the code of silence. From that moment on, Rita’s days were numbered.

Repudiated by her mother and boyfriend, threatened and ostracized by the entire village, Rita was forced to abandon her native Sicily and go into hiding in Rome. Taken under the wing by judge Paolo Borsellino, Rita is confronted by the absudity in life when both Paolo and the fmaous Judge Falcone are murdered.


Marco Amenta was born in Palermo on August 11, 1970. Amenta grew up in Sicily and started working as a photojournalist for a variety of Italian magazines. Looking to broaden his horizons he moved to Paris and obtained a degree in cinema.

After working on short films as a cameraman and then as a director of photography, Amenta then moved on to directing two documentaries during the Bosnian conflict "Born in Bosnia" and "Lettre de Cuba."

In 1995, Amenta received a grant from the French Ministry of Youth and started his own production company, Odissea, with a French director by the name of Florent Marcie. Amenta splits his time between Paris and Palermo where he has started another production company, Eurofilm.

Contact information:

Rosita Bonanno, International Relationshiper
Via Voturno no. 100
Palermo, Italy 90138
phone: 39-091-611-41-92
fax: 39-091-612-04-84

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