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In the Company of Fear

Director: Velcrow Ripper
Producer: Jill Sharpe
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in the company of fear


With just over a decade of implementation, Protective Accompaniment has proven itself to be an effective non-violent tactic for the prevention of human rights abuses around the world. "In the Company of Fear" is an experimental film capturing the courage of those working towards a new paradigm in human rights protection. It offers hope that as civilians we have the power to effectively shape world history.

"In the Company of Fear" shows how the policy of "protective accompaniment" is employed to thwart the use of violence. "Protective accompaniment" is a policy whereby foreign volunteers of Peace Brigades International offer human rights activists the unarmed protection of an international presence.

"In the Company of Fear" looks at the power of non-violent resistance to oppose state terror in Colombia. It features respected political analyst Noam Chomsky and was jointly created by Vancouver writer/producer Jill Sharpe and director Velcrow Ripper.


Jill Sharpe has been actively engaged in the creation of documentary films since 1988. Among her credits are "Festival da Bahia," the thirteen part series "Yellow Brick Roads," co-direction of "Jasper-Spirit of the Rockies" and co-production of "Ray Bradbury- An American Icon." In 1996, Sharpe moved to Vancouver, producing and directing under her own company, Reel-Myth Productions. Reel Myth and Sharpe have produced "Healing Beyond a Cure" and "In the Company of Fear."

Velcrow Ripper has written, directed and produced over twenty one films, videos and websites that range from new narrative to documentary. His first feature was the 1990 new narrative film entitled "I'm Happy" followed by the documentary "Bones of the Forest." "Bones of the Forest" won several awards including Best Feature and Best at the Festival at CIFC National Documentary Awards in 1996, Special Jury Prize at the Hawaiian International Film Festival and the Genie Award in 1996 for Best Feature Documentary.

Contact information:

Jill Sharpe, Producer
Reel-Myth Prod. Inc.
2133 Cypress St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V653MB
phone: 604-251-1307
fax: 604-251-3505

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