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Andrew Aiflee
with Charles Smith, Ginew Benton, Weyhan Smith
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"Crossroads" is symbolic of a young man's passage into manhood. It is also a place on the Shinnecock Native American Reservation. Crossroads can lead you to the right path or you can remain there, with no place to go. This creative documentary was made by young filmmakers of the Shinnecock tribe.


"Crossroads" was produced by four young men from the Shinnecock Native American Reservation located near Southampton, Long Island, NY. Weyhan Smith, Andrew Cuffee and Ginew Benton graduated from High School this year. Charlie Smith is a community leader at the Shinnecock Native American Reservation and works with youth. Their production team is called Rez Mobb Entertainment.

"Crossroads" was Rez Mobb Entertainment's first production and it was created within a Documentary Workshop offered through the Ross School's Media Center ( The Ross School is a K-12 experimental school equipped with a digital video production facility and a media lab.

Contact information:

Marie Maciak, Mentor
Ross Media Center
18 Goodfriend Dr.
East Hampton, NY 11937
phone: 516-329-5245 x164
fax: 516-329-1780

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