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Cape Divided

Lance Larson
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While the world cheered Nelson Mandela's victory in South Africa's first multiracial election, unpredicted and underreported was the ANC's overwhelming defeat in the province of the Western Cape. Fueled by the votes of so-called "Coloureds" (a racial classification set up under Apartheid that separated those individuals of mixed race from those who were purely black or white) and some clever yet racist campaigning, the FW de Klerk's National Party won a surprise victory.

Filmed in Cape Town during the campaign, "Cape Divided" examines how the National Party- which was responsible for the oppression of Apartheid- could have won the election in a region where whites do not hold the majority. With dramatic and innovative visual style, the documentary also takes a close look at South Africa’s future, discussing issues of racism, ethnicity, and poverty.


Lance Larson has worked in film for seven years to date. In addition to working in Hollywood, Larson has traveled significantly, photographed, filmed and written with an eye on development issues and human rights. During his first trip to South Africa in 1994 he began filming what would later become the documentary "Cape Divided."

Larson graduated from Occidental College in 1992 with a degree in Political Theory. In 1990, he won the Richter Fellowship to study the effectiveness of nonviolent protest against Apartheid in South Africa.

After graduating from Occidental College in Los Angeles with degrees in Political Theory and Film, Lance Larson worked on projects for MTV, producer Gale Anne Hurd (TERMINATOR, THE ABYSS), and director/cinematographer Hugh Johnson (G.I. JANE, CHILL FACTOR). This spring, Larson will begin filming a documentary on the Kalash tribe in Northwestern Pakistan.

Contact information:

Lance Larson, Producer, Director
Kalash Films 548 S. Alandale Los Angeles, CA 90036
phone: 323-965-8066

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