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Israel is a land that has been virtually torn apart by the politics of a border. But what is a border? Is it a fence, a gate, or the people who occupy the land? And how is it that on one side of the border people live in a poverty state while on the other side of the border an economy thrives and the people are fed?

"Borders" is an intense film that deals with the relationship between Israel and its neighbors. Families are torn apart as everywhere there are disputes regarding land and the occupants of each tract. A young woman prepares for her wedding, a wedding that will separate her from her family, indefinitely. Children play amongst the barbed wire that pocks the land, a symbol of anger and warfare.

Filmmaker Nurit Kedar explores the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestines and the idea of demarcation and the people that must live with that demarcation every day. Border guards, farmers, workers and thriving families are all included to present a wide array of opinions about a topic tat is part of an ongoing struggle for power in the Middle East.


Eran Riklis, Director, has been working in film for the last twenty years. He has made documentaries for television and commercials on a variety of topics.

Nurit Kedar, Producer, has worked for Channel 2 Israel and CNN's Jerusalem bureau. "Volgin Award," a film he produced in 1994, won the first prize in the Jerusalem Festival.

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