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American Gypsy:
A stranger in everybody's land

Jasmine Dellal
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american gypsy


There are one million Gypsies or Rom in America, who most people know nothing about. "AMERICAN GYPSY: A STRANGER IN EVERYBODY'S LAND" is a feature length documentary which explores this secretive Romani world and the history it came from.

"AMERICAN GYPSY", shot over the course of five years, takes a narrative approach by focussing on the story of Jimmy Marks, a flamboyant man in the American Northwest who becomes passionately obsessed with a decade-long civil rights battle to defend his family and his culture.

The combination of "Gypsy" and "American" cultures carries us through scenes of: Gypsies from around the world gathering for New Years in Las Vegas; the arranged marriage of teenagers (nowadays by telephone or over the internet); and car salesmen in Stetsons eating donuts from 7-11.


"American Gypsy" is the first feature documentary to be produced and directed by Jasmine Dellal. From 1993-95, Dellal was Associate Producer and Assistant Editor of Marlon Riggs' Black is...Black Ain't, which aired on PBS in early 1996 (and won top awards from: Sundance, Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame, San Francisco International Film Festival, etc).

Contact information:

Jasmine Dellal, Producer, Director
Little Dust Productions
878 Grove St. San Francisco, CA 94117
phone: 415-292-7777
fax: 415-292-7777

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